Event: TORO's Mascot Bowl is a Houston Texans game day event. Mascots from various sports teams come together to play a game of flag football with youth football players before the Houston Texans game begins.

Collateral: The event logo was designed to accommodate all collateral. An 11”x17” poster was designed for the event as a commemorative giveaway during the Texans vs. Jaguars game. Field signage, social media posts, web banners, and LED boards included the same elements.

Concept + Production: The design request suggested to design a poster that kids and adults would want to display in their home. A vintage cartoon motif was chosen, which incorporated dust clouds and dotted patterns with subtle starbursts. Football vectors were added to visually define the event. Images of each mascot were delivered from its respective creative team, then clipped and colorized to give the group a cohesive lighting. A dark background was used with high-contrast shadows that were bent inward and set behind the elements, giving the poster a layered and dreamlike aesthetic.

500 posters were printed, autographed by each featured mascot, and handed out after the event to fans of all ages.

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