Purpose: The catalog was designed to accommodate all new and existing students in guiding them through the admissions process. It featured everything a student would want to know prior to choosing a course, from understanding the purpose and nature of each program's curriculum to previewing the types of projects for each program; from having a point of contact for all faculty and staff to possessing an outline of the course policies.

Concept: The project lead requested an experimental, exciting, and cohesive layout. Each program featured a mixed typeface header and was color-coded with luminescent color strips placed behind the headers and program descriptions, overlaying an image of the student(s) working and collaborating. Following each description's page were image grids of projects performed by attending students within that particular program. There were several different grids used; each depended on the chosen content, but all utilized the same amount of negative space, giving the overall design a cohesive aesthetic. These concepts provided a very layered, exciting, and informative experience for the reader.

Collateral: 300 catalogs were printed for the Art Institute of Houston, while digital copies were made on an as-needed basis for the Houston campuses as well as San Antonio and Austin. Summer Studio, the school's largest student recruitment event included various collateral such as posters (shown below) and flyers, which featured photos and excerpts from the catalog.

Production: The initial layout was done by an Art Institute graduate. After receiving an overwhelming amount of edit requests and additions to the catalog, the project was given to me to overhaul and complete. The layout and most of the content was eventually replaced and rewritten to accommodate the massive amount of information and page allotment. Once each division's catalog was approved by its respective president and program committees, it was outsourced for print and digital production.

Collaborators: Jackie Bachmeier, John Meyer, Blaire Grady, Walter Hudson

Printer: 3rd iPrint, Long Plan Printing
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